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Ukrainian Folk Lullabies

Ukrainian Folk Lullabies

Translated by Walter May
Illustrated by Valentina Melnichenko

Oh, in Forest Green

Oh, in forest so green
Grandad walking is seen,
Hills and grass goes along,
Up his sleeve hides a song.
Other children get left,
Hannah gets a gift.

Ukrainian Folk Lullabies

'Neath the window goes a dream

'Neath the window goes a dream,
Sleep goes past the window-glass.
Dream goes hence
By the wattle fence.
Sleep asks Dream:
"Say, where is best?
Where tonight shall we both rest?
On the lea, beneath a tree,
In the courtyard which you see,
Where there is a little hut,
Where there is a tiny tot?"
"Here shall we both rest tonight,
And shall rock our baby light."

Ukrainian Folk Lullabies

Sleep, my child

Sleep, my child in your cradle well,
Tight as a pea within its shell.
When the winds begin to blow,
Then the peas will roll round so.
When the peas begin rattling deep,
Hannah then will want to sleep.

Ukrainian Folk Lullabies

Lullaby, small son of mine

Lullaby, small son of mine,
I shall make you a cradle fine,
Hang it on an oak or pine.
Sunrise then will warm it inside,
Dew will fall and wash it outside,
Leaves will fall and cover it all,
Wind will blow and rock it all,
Birds will come and sing and call.

Ukrainian Folk Lullabies

Hey then, tabby kitten

Hey then, tabby kitten,
Dig a row, as you're bidden.
A row, not a very big 'un,
About as long as a mitten.
Poppy seed we'll sow,
And parsley in the row.
There we'll plant some flowers
For children's happy hours.
Our children still are small
And gladly play at ball.

Ukrainian Folk Lullabies

And you, grey kitty-cat

And you, grey kitty-cat,
Sweep the hall, shake the mat.
And you, white kitty-cat,
Tidy up our flat.
You, ginger kitty-cat,
Heat up the stove, that's that!
But you, black kitty-cat,
Sit in your silver boat,
Catch us fish with your float!

Ukrainian Folk Lullabies

Poor Pussy!

Poor Pussy! Ding, dong, bell!
Fetch water in a pail,
But don't fall down the well!
So Pussy took a pail,
But did fall down the well!
Tom Cat went to her aid,
But Pussy couldn't save.
He caught hold of her ear,
But couldn't pull her clear.
"Hold on. Puss!" said he,
"I'll fetch a boat-hook, see!"
But no hook he found,
So poor Pussy was drowned!
Oh, deary-deary me!

Ukrainian Folk Lullabies

Oh you Pussy-cat so funny

Oh you Pussy-cat so funny,
Ate up all poor Grandma's honey!
Hid in a corner, looking lonely,
Only the tip of your tail seen, only,
And those paws, with sharp claws.

Mother Crane

Mother Crane went wading,
All among the rushes.
But I'll take my baby,
And rock it till it hushes.
Mother Crane went wading,
To put a fire out.
But burnt her tootsies naked,
That's what I'm sad about.

Ukrainian Folk Lullabies

Well-a-day, young master

Well-a-day, young master.
We'll drive the calves to pasture,
To wide fields nearby,
Where the grass grows high.
Let them feed without harm,
Return to sleep in the barn.
When to sleep they fall,
The cow-herd let them recall.
But the cow-herd lad, alack,
Hid his pipe in his sack,
Or a horse's feeding bag.
Pipe our daughter to sleep.
Daughter dear, don't weep,
Forget your tears and sleep!

Rock-a-bye, baby

Rock-a-bye, baby, my small son,
I'll make you a cradle, all your own,
With decorated painted rails.
With little tinkling silver bells.
Your new cradle then, you see,
I'll hang upon a snow-ball tree.
Then the cooing doves will come,
And will feed my little son.
Then the gentle breeze will blow,
Rock the snow-ball tree below,
Rock, my cradle, to and fro,
Sleep, my little lad, and grow.

Ukrainian Folk Lullabies


Cooing doves carne flying high,
Settled on the double-gate,
In their red top-boots to wait.
The gate then started squeaking,
But my daughter's sleeping.

Ukrainian Folk Lullabies

Ukrainian Folk Lullabies

Author: Poetry for Kids; illustrated by Melnichenko V.

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