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Lithuanian Rhymes

Mousie Goes for Water

Mousie Goes for Water

Translated by Fainna Solasko
Illustrated by Tatyana Balciunenfe

Mousie Goes for Water


Wash the buckwheat and mash it well,
We’ve sent Mousie out to the well.
She went across a bridge,
Across a sandy ridge,
Back and forth she scurried,
Mousie was so worried,
“Oh, dear, I’m lost! The well is gone!”
But it was by the barn!

Mousie Goes for WaterMousie Goes for Water


Oh, you brown hare, go ’way — or else!
Don’t follow me all day — or else!
Don’t you break through the hedge — or else!
Don’t eat my cabbages — or else!
Don’t you let me catch you — or else!
Run, quick, before I do — or else!

Mousie Goes for Water


Moo-Mo, my horns are strong,
Moo-Mo, my tail is long,
Moo-Mo, I weigh a ton,
Moo-Mo, you’d better run,
Moo-Mo, out of my yard,
Moo-Mo, I’ll butt you hard!

Mousie Goes for Water


Woodcock, woodcock, hippity-hop,
On the bright green meadow.
Swing your axe, don’t be slow,
Chop-chop-chop! Chop-chop-chop!

Woodcock built a little hut
On a hill, on a hill,
There he brought his own true love,
Dressed in gay flowers and frills.

Mousie Goes for Water

Author: Lithuanian Rhymes; illustrated by Balciunenfe T.

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