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The cross Cat

The cross Cat

Translated by Fainna Glagoleva
Illustrated by V.Suteyev

A Girl was sitting at the table, drawing pictures. Suddenly, a striped Cat came in and began watching her.

The cross Cat

"What are you doing?" the curious Cat asked.

"I'm drawing a house for you," said the Girl. "See, here's the roof and here's the chimney. This is the door."

"What am I going to do there?"

"You'll make the stove and cook some porridge."

The cross Cat

Then the Girl drew some smoke coming out of the chimney.

"But where's the window? Cats always jump through windows!"

The cross Cat

"Here's the window. One, two, three, four..." said the Girl and drew four widows.

Where will I go for a walk?


And the Girl drew a fence all around the house.

"This will be the garden," she said.

The Cat looked at it and sniffed.

"What sort of a garden is that? There's nothing in it!"

The cross Cat

"Wait," said the Girl. "Here's a flower bed and here's an apple tree with apples growing on it. This is a vegetable garden: here's the carrots and here's the cabbages."

"Cabbages!" the Cat said and made a face. "But where will I catch my fish?"

The cross Cat


And the Girl drew a pond and three fishes in the pond.

"That's nice.... And will there be any birds?" the curious Cat asked. "I like birds."

The cross Cat

"Yes. Here's a hen, here's a cock, here's a goose, and these are three baby chicks."

At that the Cat licked her chops, purred and asked in a very soft voice:

"And... ah... will there be... mice... in the house?"

"No, there won't be any mice."

"But who will guard my house?"

The cross Cat

"Here," said the Girl and drew a dog house. "This Doggie will guard your house!"

The Cat flicked her tail and her fur stood on end.

The cross Cat

"I don't like your house," said the Cat. "I won't live in it!"

And she left, feeling very offended. What a cross Cat!

The cross Cat

Author: Suteyev V.; illustrated by Suteyev V.

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