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Eskimo Stories

Animal Stories Of The North

Translated by Fainna Solasko
Illustrated by Y.Rachov

Wily Teaches Crafty A Lesson

An Eskimo Story told by Kivagme

Vixen was very angry at Round-Ears, the polar fox, for having tricked her so many times. She decided to teach him a lesson and have a good laugh at his expense.

One day she hid behind a rock on a cliff above the sea. As soon as she spotted Round-Ears in the distance she shouted,

"Help! Hurry!"

Round-Ears hurried to where Vixen was and said,

"What's the matter?"

"I'm calling for help. If we don't hold up the cliff it'll fall and we'll both be killed!"

Round-Ears was really scared. "What'll we do?"

"Hold up the cliff! Get your back up against it and hold it up, while I go off for stones to reinforce it!" Vixen said.

Round-Ears braced himself against the cliff. Vixen, meanwhile, trotted off, but stopped to look back. There he was, straining hard, holding up the cliff. She laughed and ran off home.

Round-Ears stood there on trembling legs for a long time, because he was afraid to be standing there under the cliff, but more frightened still to let go. He even rubbed a bald spot on his shoulder from straining so against the rock.

If you ever see a polar fox with a bald spot on its shoulder you'll know it's Round-Ears, the one that held up the cliff to save Vixen.

Eskimo Stories

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