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Nikolai Nosov

A Live Hat

A Live Hat

Translated by Fainna Glagoleva
Illustrated by I.Semyonov

Murzik was a kitten. He was sitting on the floor by the chest of drawers, trying to catch a fly.

A Live Hat

There was a hat lying on the very edge of the chest. Murzik saw the fly settle on it. He jumped up and sunk his claws into the hat. It slid off the chest, Murzik lost his grip and tumbled down.

A Live Hat

Then the hat came floating down on trip of him. Where was Murzik now?

A Live Hat

Vova and Vadik were busy at their colouring books. They hadn't seen the hat fall on Murzik, though they had heard a strange noise.

A Live Hat

Vova turned to see what it was. There was the hat on the floor, He went over to pick it up. But as soon as he bent down he cried:


"What's the matter?" Vadik asked.

"It's a-a-alive!"


"The h-h-hat!"

"Don't be silly."

"B-b-but it is!"

Vadik got up to see for himself.

All of a sudden the hat began creeping towards him.

He screamed and ran for the sofa.

Vova jumped right up after him.

A Live Hat

Meanwhile, the hat had crawled to the middle of the room and stopped. The boys' hearts were pounding as they watched it. The hat headed towards them.



They jumped down and dashed out of the room.

A Live Hat

When they reached the kitchen they slammed the door behind them.

"What's the matter with that hat? Why is it creeping around like that?" Vova wondered.

"Maybe someone's pulling it along by a string."

"Go have a look."

"Let's go together. I'll take the poker. If it starts creeping towards us, I'll
hit it hard."

"Wait! I'll take a poker, too."

"We only have one."

"Then I'll take a ski pole."

A Live Hat

They armed themselves with the poker and the ski pole, opened the door slowly and looked out.

"Where is it?"

"Over there, in the corner."

A Live Hat

The hat just lay there on the floor.

"See? It's afraid of us now!"

"Watch me scare it," said Vova.

He began whacking his poker against the leg of the table.

"Hey, you!"

But the hat did not move.

"Let's pelt it with potatoes," said Vadik.

A Live Hat

They went back into the kitchen for potatoes and then began throwing them at the hat.

A Live Hat

Finally, Vadik hit it. The hat jumped into the air and yowled: MIAOW!

There was a bit of grey tail sticking out from under the brim.

"Murzik!" the boys shouted.

A Live Hat

Vadik grabbed the kitten and hugged it.

"Poor Murzik! How did you ever get under that hat?"

But Murzik said nothing. He just purred and squinted in the bright light.

A Live Hat

A Live Hat

Author: Nosov N.; illustrated by Semyonov I.

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